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Everyone is different. Also, by the type of condition you are affected by and the symptoms you are showing, there may be some types of food that you are (are not) able to digest or support. That's why we need to ask you some questions first.
By taking the quick online questionnaire, we ask you to explain your condition, treatment, well-being, allergies, etc. so that we can get to know you better and customize appropriate and empowering meals for you.
Siblings, friends or caregivers can also fill out the questionnaire.

The prices depend on the frequency & the number of people. The more you order, the more you save. All our meals are organic.
The cost of your plan is given during the questionnaire as each program is custom. They can vary between $12-$20 a meal + drink per person.

Kindly is all about food full of antioxidant, anticancer & antiangiogenesis properties. Every potential carcinogenic food is dismissed. That's why every product we picked is organic, NON-GMO, grass-fed & as least processed as possible.
Our diet is based on whole and unprocessed food with an emphasize on super and anticancer foods such as garlic, onion, berries, cabbage family, red grapes, green tea, ...
To understand the type of food we use and recommend, visit our blog.

Today, there are a lot of hypothesis inside the scientific community that are often controversial. We recommend you to take a look at our blog to understand our point of view. Even if a lot of subjects are controversial, they all tend to the same direction, without even noticing it, which is toward a whole food diet mostly from plants. "Eat food, not too much, mostly from plants", says Michael Pollan. We would even add to it "whole food". Meat & dairy are very controversial but whatever side we take, these foods don't have any antioxidant or anticancer properties. That's why we all know that it's all about plants, plants, plants... and sometimes meat (we prefer not doing red meat & dairy because of their possible link with cancer growth promotion).
If you want to add some organic grass-fed poultry to the meals we provide you, you can!
As for the ketogenic diet, there is more and more evidence that it could work, mostly because we all know cancer cells feed on glucose (see our article about cancer & food) and it is believed that they may not be able to feed from fat whereas the rest of the body can. If you are willing to try this diet, and if our experts feel it is the right time, we can discuss cutting some carbs out of your diet for a defined and safe period of time as long as the calories & nutrients follow. You are in charge of your health!

The fighting kit is a box full of goodness that you can choose to receive between your meals, whenever you want to! It contains healthy snacks & healthy teas from brands or sources that were specifically chosen for you because of their wholeness, NON-GMO, organic but also authentic antioxidant properties. The kit also contains the herbal supplements we will recommend to you to help you cope with the side effects. The Kit also contains global recommendations to follow closely in order to give your body the best chance of recovery. Your body and your person are a whole: your "terrain" is not only defined by diet, but also by mental well-being, exercise, spirituality, ...

The more often, the best! We are not claiming it for marketing purposes. Our goal and hope is to see you feel better, resist better and fight back better! For that mission, we need you to be fed properly and avoid processed & sugary food not often, but ALL THE TIME! If you have the time and the energy to cook healthy meals (as recommended on our website or by our expert), that's awesome! If not, it's best if you order frequently from us. That's why the minimum order is 6 meals a week per person.

Kindly is customized for cancer patients & cancer survivors, which means that our nutritional and medical experts will help customize meals depending on the disease and treatment stage of every customer, or to help prevent the relapse of the disease.
However, everyone can benefit from our food. That's why families and siblings are highly encouraged to eat the same meals: for an optimal family atmosphere at dinner and for a strong family mindset against the disease.
So, try us if you recognize yourself in one of the following:

  • You are a cancer patient
  • You are a cancer survivor
  • You are a cancer patient family member / friend
  • You want to be healthy